Sunday, June 5, 2016

Celtic Corner - June 2016


          Bobby Sands was an Irish Nationalist who led a hunger strike in prison in 1981. He was elected a Member of Parliament during the strike and died on May 5, 1981, 35 years ago. Sands endured a long hunger strike that brought great world opinion on the problem in Northern Ireland which years later brought about the Good Friday Agreement.
          Dennis Mulcahy on May 5th, the same date that Bobby Sands died, was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth. During the ceremony the queen said Dennis, by his actions saved one child at a time. I also believe his actions helped to make the Good Friday Agreement a reality.         

I am of Irish America.
I am a child of immigrants.
I am of a people who for over eight hundred years have bowed a knee to no king but the King of Heaven.
And bowed a head to no queen but the Queen of Heaven.

I am of a dispersed people sent in Slavery to Barbados, in Chains to Australia and in Famine to America.

I am of a people who tore themselves from their father’s trembling arms
 Kissed their tear stained Mother’s face good-bye
And traveled all over the world
To keep a roof over beloved heads
And food on a hungry table.

I am of an Empire upon which no sun can set, for
Wherever you go in the whole wide world
Wherever a House of God has risen,
Whenever a house of learning founded
Or a tree of liberty planted by loving hands
And watered by the tears of an Irish exile,
There you will find the Irish Empire.

I thank God for the Blood of my Fathers.
I thank God for the land of my Birth.
I pray that God will save Ireland.
I pray that God will continue to Bless America.

To all my friends in this great American Irish Association, I wish you a very happy and safe summer.

Frank Darcy